About Us

Inter- Consulting Aerospace Ltd is a privately-owned company with 15 years successful history of placing people all over the world. We provide resources for major aviation and aerospace companies in Sweden, Germany, China, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Emirates directly and indirectly. We are happy to provide consultants for aerospace engineering work based on any given requirements.  

We provide a full spectrum of product design and engineering services, embracing all parts of the development process from initial concepts to manufacturing and product development.

We resource all disciplines, including:

Catia V5 Structures Design Engineers 
FEA Calculation Stress Engineers 
Avionics Engineers 
Catia V5 Fuselarge Engineers 
CNC Tooling Program Engineers 
Safety Engineers
Composite Design Engineers
License Technicians
Aircraft Engine Technicians  
Catia V5 Design Engineers Interiors Galleys 
Catia V5 Design Engineers Aircraft Seating 
Catia V5 Aerospace Wire Harness Electrical Engineers 
Drawing Checkers
Design Engineers Aerospace 
Electrical Mechanical Design Engineers
NDT Technicians 

Avionics Systems Engineers 
Program Managers 
Project Managers
RF and Microwave Design Engineers 
Project Design Engineers 
GD& T Mechanical Design Engineers
Simulation and Modelling Engineers
PCB Layout Design Engineers 
Certification Engineers 
Power Electronics Design Engineers 
Design Quality Engineers 
Senior Test Engineers 
Airworthiness and Safety Compliance Engineers 
Real Time Embedded Software Engineers 
Control Systems Engineers
Manufacturing Engineers 

How do we work?

We specialise in providing engineers on a salaried contract/fixed term basis. Our strategy is to find and bring new talents into the market. We do our global ongoing sourcing 7 days per week and we are proud of our database of talents. All our consultants are well educated with minimum 5 to10 years of experience in Aviation and Aerospace Engineering. 
We have a proven 15 years successful record of placing people all over the world working for the leading aviation manufactures and covering a full lifecycle of aviation and aerospace: from the initial design, test and validation stages through to the manufacturing, production and delivery phases. 

We enjoy taking challenges and find talents which other struggling to find. We feel confident to accept uneasy requests and work around very specific requirements. 

We work around different type of agreements, trying to find the best way to meet needs of both parties. Our typical types of agreements include:

  • Consultant basis
  • Permanent basis
  • Project time and material basis

Personalized Approach and Verification

Being a privately owned, medium size company we stand out of competition by providing a very personalised approach when dealing with applicants.

We try to be very personal when we conduct interviews with candidates, we try to get to know the person, to see if there is a mutual understanding of job prospects and career goals.

We review our candidates’ family situation, life and career goals. We don’t deal with people who are not serious and have no commitment. We only work with people who we believe have mutual goals with us. People who are looking for a long-term career in Sweden, Germany, China, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Emirates, who are reliable, self-driven and hard-working.  We conduct all legal, criminal and reference checks on our applicants. As our goal is to reassure a quality and reliable labour delivery to our customers.


To get more information about our verification processes, please check our Verification Section