The Most Innovative Private Jet Interior Concepts


1. Mercedes-Benz Style VIP 

Building on their existing partnership, Lufthansa and Mercedes-Benz have once again joined forces to create the Mercedes-Benz Style VIP cabin. Featuring the same interior architecture as the 2015 collaboration, the new cabin takes its design cues from Mercedes' more sporty AMG arm with strong and chic colour scheme of grey, black and white. Another nod to the Mercedes-AMG cars comes from carbon fibre elements found throughout the cabin while panels inspired by the S-Class and AMG dashboards have been strategically placed to be equipped with displays and touch screen for entertainment.

2. Embraer Lineage 1000E

For many private jets represent the ultimate interior design challenge so, when it launched its uber-luxurious Lineage 1000E private jet in early 2017, Embraer provided owners with five interior design concepts for inspiration. A number of the schemes took their cues for glamorous destinations around the world including Kyoto (pictured), Manhattan and Holl3.

3. Pagani x Airbus Infinito

Airbus has joined forces with the design team at Pagani Automobil SpA to create a new cabin concept for its ACJ319neo private jet. Know as Infinito, the key feature of this new cabin design is its sky ceiling which can display a live view of the sky above the jet offering panoramic 'views' as well as displaying other images. The idea is to create a feeling of space and airiness in the cabin and is designed to emphasise the fact that it is already one of the tallest and widest private jet cabins on the market.

Pagani has also had a hand in designing the other interior features of Infinito. Inspired by the brand's hypercars, eight passengers can be accommodated in soft tan leather seating with contrasting wooden and leather carpeted floors, sculpted metal features and curvaceous details. Glass 'walls' separate the areas of the cabin and can be turned opaque at the touch of the button creating privacy for conferences and business meetings or opening up the cabin for a more relaxed atmosphere. Wood while others were inspired by classic yachts and traditional American ranches.


4. Home Team Advantage at 40,000 Feet


Commercial flights aren’t fun for anyone but when you’re a pro-athlete who is expected to step off the plane and deliver a great performance they can prove seriously detrimental. With this in mind American design firm Teague has teamed up with Nike to create a private jet worth the investment for sports teams. Home Advantage at 40,000 Feet reimagines a plane’s cabin into four spaces dedicated to recovery, circulation, sleep and meditation. High-tech innovations include adjustable pods that monitor players' vitals and can be used in conjunction with ice and compression sleeves, a special kitchen equipped to plan nutritional meals, massage beds with biometric testing and an on board computer analysing stats provided by sensors in players’ footwear and clothing.

5. Ixion

If a windowless private jet doesn’t sound very appealing Technicon Design’s Ixion concept may just change your mind. Instead of windows the sides and ceiling of the cabin are lined with high-resolution screens connected to cameras on the plane’s fuselage and wings allowing the outside world to be projected inside the cabin for panoramic ‘views’. The screens would be powered by solar panels integrated into the plane’s roof while removing the windows would make the plane lighter and more fuel efficient.

Source: Boat International, 2018


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Thursday Oct 4, 2018