All About Cessna Citation Business Jets

If you need proof that the Cessna Citation line of aircraft are among the most popular business jet charters on the planet, consider this: they make up about half of all private corporate jets flying on the market today. They boast numerous entries across a range of aircraft classes, ranging from turboprops all the way up to super-midsize jets. To look at it another way, in a span of more than four decades, Cessna has built more than 7,000 Citations. In total, they have logged more than 35 million flight hours.


Since they launched the original Citation I in 1972, the American-based aerospace engineering firm has taken a pragmatic approach to aircraft design. Cessna, a subsidiary of US conglomerate Textron, places an emphasis on creating jets that blend the best of:

  • Performance
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability
  • Economy
  • Comfort

Here is a look at the current models in the Cessna Citation line-up today:


Cessna Citation Mustang

The Citation Mustang is one of the most frequently requested very light jets on the market today. With room for up to five passengers and a range of 1,200 nautical miles, it is the ideal aircraft for short-range business missions.


Citation M2

A little roomier and a little faster than the Mustang, the Citation M2 is an entry-level jet that delivers performance and comfort in the light jet class. It is a reimagining of the original Citation Jet, which first launched in 1989. It includes:

Redesigned interiorTouch-control avionicsModern in-cabin technology

It has room for seven, a range of 1,550 nm and a maximum cruise speed of 464 mph.


Citation CJ3

Based on the earlier CJ2, the CJ3 features a stretched fuselage that allows as many as nine passengers to fly in sublime comfort. Additionally, Cessna outfitted it with longer wings and more powerful Williams FJ44 turbofan engines for increased performance:

Maximum range:?2,040 nmMaximum cruise speed:?478 mph


Citation CJ4

With room for up to 10 passengers, the CJ4 is the largest business jet in the Cessna Citation family to hold single-pilot certification. Furthermore, it offers a versatile combination of speed (up to 519 mph), range (2,165 nm) and cabin space (293 cubic feet).


Citation XLS

While it has the easy-handling manners of a light, the Citation XLS delivers everything you’d expect from a modern midsize aircraft:

  • Transcontinental range.
  • Class-leading cabin comfort.
  • Room for up to 12 passengers.


Citation X


The Cessna Citation X is the fastest civilian jet on the planet. For corporate travellers who demand an aircraft that can keep up with their hectic schedules, this is it. On average, the Citation X can complete a coast-to-coast mission 30 minutes faster than its class competitors. And with 24 feet of stand-up cabin space, you’ll be refreshed when you get there.


Citation Sovereign

While it is slower and has less range than the sporty Citation X, the Sovereign features exceptional runway performance. This makes it a versatile performer in the super-midsize class.


Citation Latitude

Designed to slot in between the XLS and Sovereign, the nine-seat Citation Latitude sets the standard for cabin comfort and space in the super-midsize class. And with a maximum range of 2,850 nm and cruise speeds up to 513mph, it executes coast-to-coast missions with ease.

There are many other Cessna Citation aircraft that are no longer in production, but are extremely popular for private jet charters. These include:


Light Jets

  • CitationJet
  • Citation Bravo
  • Citation Encore
  • Citation Ultra
  • Citation CJ1
  • Citation CJ2
  • Citation II
  • Citation S/II
  • Citation V


  • Citation Excel
  • Citation III
  • Citation VI
  • Citation VII


Source: Stratos Jets, 2018


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